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Market Surveys

Gardiner & Co., Inc. subscribes to RealtyIQ which is a database for just under 2000 Manhattan office buildings that comprise almost 500 million sq. ft.  This is the most comprehensive information tracking service and provides Gardiner & Co., Inc. with the best and most current office space availabilities.

Financial Analysis

Each leasing transaction must be evaluated from several perspectives and must include the following information:

  • Rentable Footage
  • Usable/Assignable Footage
  • Term
  • Base Rent
  • Base Rent Step Ups
  • Electric Costs
  • R/E Taxes
  • Operating Expenses
  • Landlord's Work Contribution
  • Total Construction Estimates
  • Estimates of Total Project Costs
  • Inflation Assumptions
  • Interest Rate Assumptions
  • Subtenant Income
  • Occupancy Tax
  • Architects & Engineers Fees
  • Additional Communication Costs
  • Furniture & Moving

The results which are drawn from the above input can include the following comparative costs:

  • Total Transaction Cost
  • Net Present Value of the Transaction
  • Average Cost per Rentable Square Foot
  • Average Cost per Usable Square Foot
  • Net Present Value per Usable Square Foot
  • Projection of Initial Cash Outlay per Transaction

Relocation Team

For the larger, more complicated transactions, consulting professionals that are independent from the broker will be needed and consist of the following disciplines:

  • Architect/Design
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Contractor
  • Project Manager
  • Computer/Telecommunications

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